Encoder Sensor Bearings

Motor encoder units are compact, integrated units consisting of :
a deep groove ball bearing in the 62 series with a snap ring groove in the outer ring and an RS1 contact seal (Single row deep groove ball bearings)
an impulse ring
a sensor body
a connecting cable
The impulse ring, which attaches to the inner ring of the bearing, is a composite magnetized ring that contains between 32 and 80 north and south poles. The number of poles depends on the size of the bearing. The sensor body, which is attached to the outer ring, protects the patented SKF Hall effect cells. The multi-wire connecting cable extends in the radial direction.

The bearing is protected by a contact seal on one side. On the opposite side of the bearing, the impulse ring and sensor body create an effective labyrinth seal to keep lubricant in and solid contaminants out of the bearing.
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